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Mario Mu

Beyond the Shot

2. 3. - 2. 4. 2023.

Corroded steel cables emerge from the riverbed and become a branching, nervous system-like structure that powers the image and the architecture of Mario Mu’s new video work. We follow the cyclical nature of destruction and construction through the transformation of a structure that encompasses different architectural typologies, from the never-realized mast of the Yugoslav pavilion to the ruins of the National Museum of Aleppo destroyed in the Syrian war in 2016. In the video, the built environment and the residues of destruction intertwine, and space articulates the changing social dynamics. This work is a continuation of the artist’s ongoing project entitled “Sites of Encounter” which explores alternative perceptions of spatiality through the morphology of digital spaces. Inspired by the language of modernism, the possibilities of arranging and framing basic elements into new constellations, and the permutations of images and their shadows, Mario Mu translates Vjenceslav Richter’s visual language to the cinematic space of video games. (TEXT: Lovro Japundzic)