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Dubravka Rakoci – Zagreb

Heimo Zobernig – Split

Vlado Martek

Pictograms / From Painting to Sculpture /

27. 04. - 26. 05. 2022.

In search of meanings, the experience of language and image brings together a blend of diverse forces, resulting in multimedia artifacts. Form meets the content of mythical-archetypal layers from the depths of the human archive/storage. The quest, in its epiphany, reveals a profound layer and unites facts.

Art can act as a probe in the search for revealed meanings, which, I believe, we need like bread. To see or reflect ourselves in material existence mirrors spiritual optimism, that is, the optimal substance of understanding the unknown in complex configurations of artifacts. Inner-outer testimonies are at work through formatting, in a fortunate immanence of beauty, harmony, and symmetry. Specifically, there are about forty pictograms in various combinations, like combinations of letters in words. Artes sunt: libertati viam facere. One facet of this statement is pictograms. They could be described as centaurs active in their associations in one direction or another. Moreover, they contain the unity through which a poly-perspective truth is presented, whether through language or script, as it may be. Pictograms convey the symbolic, solid data of the world.

Have I come across the logic of symbols? That world did not come into being, just as timelessness did not disappear. (Only ephemeral things vanish; other things transform.) From words (sound and motion) to drawing (line, picture), from the drawn to signs of language again. Colors (wave lengths) and shapes (from abstract to figurative) together form a symbolic language/window. So, part of the pictograms are symbols. The artist participates in the ongoing metamorphosis.

Vlado Martek