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Dubravka Rakoci – Zagreb

Heimo Zobernig – Split

Vedran Perkov

The End of Art

20. 10. - 10. 12. 2022.

The exhibition project titled “The End of Art” is composed of two segments. The first was presented as part of the 14th Croatian Sculpture Triennial. Two hundred plates arranged in regular rows and columns filled the gallery walls. On these plates, texts were laser-engraved – quotes from the last sentences of books, catalogs, and monographs dedicated to individual artists. (Publications about groups of authors, art movements, etc. were not used.) The arrangement of the plates with inscriptions resembled niches for funerary urns.

The second segment of the work, displayed in this exhibition, follows the same logic of selecting texts. On this occasion, the last sentences from catalogs and monographs were photographed or scanned. The texts were left as they appear in the publications. Their appearance, style, and font were not altered. These collected quotes were printed in white on a black background. Once again, the display reminds of commemorative spaces and places.

The last sentences in the publications are, in a way, conclusive thoughts about the artist and their work. They mark the end of reflections about the author and the artwork. They signify the end of discussions about art.

Vedran Perkov