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Matt Mullican – Feeling Pictures – Zagreb

Dubravka Rakoci – Memories – Split

Dubravka Rakoci

Small studio, for my friend Jacques

02. 06. - 18. 07. 2022.

The catalogue, as a category, is a result of mannered behaviour. The artist’s first and last name, biography, and an analysis of his work. The price tag.

The amount of information presented in a publication also reflects mannered behaviour. That is, it is a result of a struggle with narcissism and a correct estimate of the audience’s familiarity with the oeuvre and the structure of an artist’s work. I like the word ‘structure’ and her complex meaning! Her intrinsic nature is of rational and emotional provenance.

And now, after the blunt introduction, an explanation:

The Gallery Manus exhibition, with the exception of the 19th-century space, is a culmination of years of exchanges marked with respect, attachment, and support.

My circular painted canvases have the ability to embrace the exterior of a clocktower and infiltrate the most niche spaces and boxes, feeling comfy in the meantime!

Dubravka Rakoci