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Dubravka Rakoci – Zagreb

Heimo Zobernig – Split

Damir Očko


22. 7. - 17. 9. 2022.

Dear Duje and Emina,

I prepared some “Cocktails” for you and sent them with Branko. This seemed simpler than sending them by bus, and besides they are quite precious. I hope they will all arrive in one piece. If, however, one of them does arrive broken, don’t worry. Cover it with a towel, give it a few good hammer blows and smash it into a fine glass dust, then collect it into a small pile and display it like that. These “Cocktails” of mine are intimate piles of precious objects, mainly jewellery, make-up and clothes from various drag performances, but also dirt that is left on the floor after all-night parties, crystallised into small glittering forms that fit into the palm of one’s hand. I think they are more poems than sculptures, but upon deeper reflection, they are, actually, an archive of time spent with people who are dear to me.

In addition, one of the boxes contains several empty bottles, which I call “Spirits”. There are good and evil spirits, as the saying goes.

See you